A cultural movement that uses science fiction and fantasy to paint the future from the perspective of black people in a technically advanced future. The movie “Black Panther” is an example of an Afro-futuristic depiction of Africa and Africans into the mainstream.


The movie “Black Panther” is an example of Afrofuturism.

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A Karen is a white woman who demonstrates entitled behavior by discriminating against others, exaggerating and making unreasonable demands. If her demands go unmet, Karen will escalate to authorities. Depending on this situation this could mean calling a store manager or weaponizing the police.

An example of a Karen's go to hairstyle

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Compensation given for abuse or injury to make amends for a wrong one has done by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have… Read More »Reparations

Weaponize the police

Calling the police to impose force compliance and submission on African-Americans in situations where no crime has been committed. These calls to the police involve claims that are exaggerated or false. This tactic is often used by the white majority to force African-Americans to comply with a white person’s demands when there is no legal recourse. In these situations, white people know the police are racially biased toward the mainstream and use this power to make African-Americans fearful of refusing unreasonable demands.

Amy Cooper calls the police to falsely report a black man is attacking her.

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